B2B sales development strategy

We help you develop a sales strategy thas makes sense.

To be achieved, goals should have been set and shared with all stakeholders in a clever way.

Thus, we are convinced that strategy is a living organism, not a fixed (dead) document. It feeds on your successes and failures, on your ability to step back and look reality in the face, with objectivity. This is why it is absolutely key to adjust means and objectives regularly.


Our sales strategies rely on an accurate analysis of the existing context and efforts, confronting them with field reality, available resources and effective results.

  • What do you sell? To whom? Why do they choose you? What do your competitors do?
  • How often do they buy from you? How loyal are they? Why?
  • How do you conquer and obtain new clients?
  • Do these clients pay in a timely fashion? How much money do you really make?
  • Are your sales forces allocated rationally, according to your business profits and margins? What are they skilled at? Do you outsource any off the process?
  • How does the future look? How are you getting ready for it? Do you consider focusing on your key strengths and outplacing some of the processes?

We intend to set “SMART” objectives…

  • Specific: clear, accurate, understandable throughout the company.
  • Measurable: includes some quantity, a frequency or a quality of delivery to reach.
  • Ambitious: ignites us, challenges us, sets us on fire.
  • Realistic: urges us to do our best because we know we can do it
  • Clearly set in Time: a clear path to start moving now

… and identify honestly the means you have allocated to reach them.

It is crucial to set a battle plan, and to assign forces according to prioritization and not to their availability / likes. This is why an outsourced sales force may make sense in your situation and according to your ambitions?


This first schematic step is decisive but not enough.

To implement this strategy and gain results, Cam&Léon is at your side to identify your available resources, and optimize the means at your disposal: sharing responsibilities, co-creation and communication are key to this success to be built together.

  • Cam&Léon can support management teams with tasks allocation, and project management.
  • Cam&Léon can also brief the teams and mid-management, including regular progress updates and crystal clear KPIs evaluation.
  • Of course, Cam&Léon can become a part of these allocated resources, fight alongside your teams: sales representation, outsourced business development, prospection plan, B2B phone calls, outsourced sales force, advertising sales department…