Sales rep & outsourced sales team

Your turnover, delivered

The Cam&Léon brand usually disappears behind its clients, in order to preserve your brand image and not generate confusion among prospects. Then, Cam&Léon becomes your representative, the privileged French-speaking interlocutor of prospects and clients for everything that does not concern delivery: creation and maintenance of healthy, regular and qualitative relationships; repercussion of commercial initiatives; invitations to webinars and events; crisis and collaboration management; negotiations…

Our strength is our ability to adapt to your industry, your contacts and your brand’s specific codes. When representing you, we respect your/our clients by never forcing a meeting or a connection. Instead, we choose to be professional and courteous at all times, in order to interact directly and effectively with senior executives and decision makers.

The key to your successful sales business process outsourcing lies in 2 strong points: professionalism and discipline. Reliable, regular and transparent, your projects are our priority: they will determine your success, your satisfaction and our remuneration.

In concrete terms, what does this mean?

  • Your prospects picture us as an official and effective team member in Romandie (; picture/contact details on your website…),
  • If we are to maintain an existing business relationship, your clients benefit from a French-speaking, local contact who knows the French-speaking ecosystem perfectly. We pamper people and relationships in order to create a stable bond of trust, conductive to business, even if they take time to sign up (according to your sales cycles).
  • If we are to initiate this business relationship (networking, sales prospection…), we shall introduce ourselves as a company employee: we have been onboarded, we know your products and services, your business cases and competitors like the back of our hand… just like any of your (good) in-house sales rep would (initial training + regular updates on news and market intelligence)!
  • We set up all your business meetings and make sure they know why you meet and what will be discussed. We aim at readying everything so your business may blossom.
  • According to the complexity, tools, processes and subtleness of your field, we may write business proposals, but delivery remains clearly within your teams.
  • Cam&Léon, as a white label, may remain privileged contact for recurrent business, follow-up, and brand loyalty up-building…
  • We can even help you set up your marketing plans and B2B events in French-speaking Switzerland, or help you find the best suppliers and partners.

The sweet spot of Cam&Léon collaboration, within the framework of a commercial outsourcing, lies in the flexibility of our offer: mastering the whole value chain, we adapt ourselves to your needs, according to your resources and points of strength, according to your deadlines and goals. And what has been contractually decided is likely to evolve, according to the results and the evolution of your business flow, in a pragmatic and sensible way. Efficiency is the only guarantee of our good collaboration.

An outsourced sales force and outsourced business development only make sense in the value they create!