B2B Sales Boost

Cam&Léon is an agile, experienced and reactive company created to serve and develop your business in French-speaking Switzerland. From sales strategy to business development, we take care of your entire sales cycle.

Sell more, faster, more regularly

Accelerated sales processes, more fluid acquisitions and collaborations, more leads. In short, a successful and efficient business development strategy, here’s how:

  • Bespoke strategic and operational recommendations
  • Field deployment, sales representation, outsourced business development, sales advertising department
  • First class phone skills, qualified B2B meetings and leads, and negotiation
  • Digital transformation…

We cover all sales missions so that you can focus on your core business. We deploy the means of your success in the field, on the phone and also thanks to the digital revolution, from sales strategy to concrete increasing sales figures and business development.

Thanks to its experience and network, Cam&Léon adapts itself to your company, your needs, your market and your prospects with flexibility and efficiency. We think with you and act for you, according to your resources and your goals. For a limited period of time or to cover a structural lack of resources or skills, we are the ideal partner, simply and in a flexible way.

Other examples:

  • Sales prospecting plan
  • B2B phone making (making phone calls on your behalf); B2B inside sales
  • outsourced sales force; outsources sales team
  • qualified business meetings
  • Swiss advertising sales team