Boost your Sales thanks to our bespoke B2B sales&marketing expertise

In Romandie, your outsourced sales team and sales management.

  • To lower the risk of hiring or team expanding
  • Because you would rather focus on your core business instead of wasting time selling
  • Because your teams have plenty to take care of
  • Because you making cold-calls
  • To test and learn…

We help you sell more, more often and more regularly.

B2B Sales Boost

Chameleons are fit and swift, they adapt and transform themselves.

Some will seek ad hoc support, others a more strategic build-up: Cam&Léon lives up to your challenges in a flexible and timely fashion.

Cam&Léon accelerates your growth and sales thanks to an accurate knowledge of the French-Speaking part of Switzerland’s market, always cherishing your DNA and values.

We are flexible and share the risks!


Chameleons rely on existing branches to explore and conquer.

Cam&Léon has tried and approved its methodology and protocol in the field and we help you set processes and priorities step-by-step, easily and with a clear vision.

  • Market analyses, client and product portfolio audits
  • Growth strategy
  • Marketing plans and project management
  • Action plans and allocation of responsibilities (team work)

Your challenging business objectives suddenly become much more attainable.


Chameleons are fierce and unafraid.

Professionnalism and discipline match very well with the pleasure to call and prospect. Yes, this is real: just enjoy it!

In the past 4 years, Cam&Léon has proven with data and field results that sales prospective does work when you top it with joy and a real value proposition. This is how you differentiate and get overwhelmed key stake holder’s attention.

We understand and offer your positionning and USPs loud and clear. We convince through listening and have buyers choose your products and services rather then sell them.

Client Satisfaction

Chameleons look around them 360°, and hunt their prey wherever they are.

As a reliable and involved partner, our business success does no more than reflect on yours.

This is how we learn and improve together, in order to reach goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Our mixed invoicing model is the guarantee our goals are the same.

Regular and formal meetings, as well as unplanned chats on projects and customers allow us to be kept aware and alert, and always on the same wavelength.

360° Efficiency

  • Sales platform and sales strategy development
  • Audits and recommendations
  • Elite B2B calling, qualified B2B Meetings
  • First-class sales representation in Romandie, French-speaking part of Switzerland
  • Elegant and professional sales advertising department
  • Project management
  • Business Development
  • B2B meetings
  • Negotiation

360° Cam&Léon Services for the B2B sector


Advertising sales department


Advertising sales department

Advertising sales department




Advertising sales department

Who are we?

Passion and respect are the core values that drive Cam&Léon and its founder. Full of positive energy, we do everything we can to always honor our commitments in the respect of the customer, and all stakeholders (the public, institutions and employees in particular).

Camille Husson Stengel, the founder, is driven by passion, organization and interpersonal skills.

She holds a Master’s degree from the Grande Ecole HEC Paris in Marketing and Communications (H06), as well as a diploma as a Luxury Marketing Specialist obtained in evening classes at SAWI in Lausanne. She has extensive experience in

  • Sales: strategy and potentials evaluation, sales prospection, negotiation, Business Development, networking, CRM, outsources sales team, NLP…
  • Operations and strategic marketing: Luxury industry, FMCG sector, public sector…
  • Communications : Strategy, traditional and new media (Social networks, online…) planning, PR, content creation, SEM…

She learned and built strong experience working with and for the following companies: Nestlé, Pepsico, CHANEL, Netflix, WPP, McDonald’s, Cristalleries Baccarat…